Lunch & Learn Series

As a benefit to our members, we provide them with opportunities throughout the year to earn continuing education credits.  Our Lunch & Learn Meetings take place in the 999 Peachtree Street Building – 5th Floor Conference Center in the heart of Midtown.  These are low key events and provide members and guests the opportunity to learn from the most competent sources for professional education and training related to the Construction Management profession.

A sample of the presentations previously offered include:

  • What You Need to Know about Energy Modeling and Commissioning
  • The Basics of Precast Concrete
  • Building Controls
  • IBC 2006 Special Inspections
  • Prevailing Wage Law – Compliance and Critical Updates
  • BIM Demonstration
  • Preparing and Analyzing Cost Loaded Schedules

All proceeds go towards funding the annual scholarships at our awards banquet in June.

If you are interested in being a presenter, please contact Henry Gomez by email.


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January 9 | Lunch & Learn


Building Information Modeling entered the AEC industry as a design and visualization tool helping designers create more efficient documents. Did you know that there are four different types of BIM? Most members of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction community hear the concept of BIM and think of the 3D model that is delivered at the end of a project, but BIM is a process used for more efficient workflows. And the four different types of workflows define BIM as a whole. This presentation will break down BIM for design, construction, manufacturing and operations, explaining how BIM affects all areas of a project and how it can improve workflows for all team members involved. While many don’t know that there are four different types of BIM they have heard a majority of these uses. By categorizing the workflows members of the community gain a deeper understanding of BIM and how it continually evolves.


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February 5 | Lunch & Learn


This presentation covers the use of concrete for paving applications on commercial, industrial and institutional projects. We will discuss, on a general basis, the following items:

  • Factors affecting costs of concrete pavements
  • Performance and maintenance of parking lot pavements
  • Design practices for concrete pavements
  • Jointing and other construction considerations for concrete pavements


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February 19 | Lunch & Learn


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what sound masking is
  • Learn how it works, and how it provides acoustic comfort, privacy and productivity
  • Review various product types
  • Review various installation examples of each product
  • Short, informative video on the Soft dB SmartSMS system advantages
  • Learn advantages of our unique and patented features
  • Demonstration of actual sound masking


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2018-2019 Lunch & Learn Series Schedule

Please note, parking validation is not available for deck parking, however there is “free” parking available on Juniper, south of 10th Street on both sides of the street.


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